Integrated Logistic Support

We provide Integrated Logistic Support (ILS) products and services, on acquisition projects as well as for operational systems.

Our ILS clients include the South African Navy and Simon’s Town Dockyard, as well as for Tellumat, RedLinx, De Beers Marine, CCII and the Department of Science and Technolog y.

IQS Solutions has experienced engineers, established methodologies and procedures and relevant tools and templates to assist clients with their operational support solutions.

We use a tailored approach which integrates the functional design / system engineering with the Logistic Engineering to define and specify cost-effective maintenance and support requirements and solutions to specific client needs.

We like to maintain the ‘Golden Thread’ of the Logistic Engineering process through to the operational support solution, to facilitate support optimisation in the operational phase.

We focus on the output from the logistic process (i.e. the deliverables), rather than on the process itself. We use proven database tools (e.g. RamLog) to ensure all data has integrity, is relevant and applicable and  available to clients, online.