Technical and Training Documentation

How To Get Viagra Prescription in Baton Rouge Louisiana We develop, author and edit Technical Manuals (Operating Manuals, Maintenance Manuals and Technical Training documentation). We have had many years of experience in authoring, after many years of being at the ‘other’ end of documentation…

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köpa inderal utan recept We work closely with our clients in a team approach, from the early research stage through draft deliveries and design reviews as applicable, to the final delivery stage. This approach ensures that the client’s requirements and expectations are met and often exceeded, with no surprises at final delivery.

follow url We believe strongly in life-long learning and the mentoring by seniors of juniors and cannot overemphasize the importance of education in training, both worldwide and at home.

go here Our favourite training platforms are provided by eduflex – setup is easy and feedback is quick.  Learning is easy to integrate with the operational day, rather than ‘losing’ the learner to a period of training.

go Our output includes hard copies, IETMs and pdf, doc, ppt, html and chm files.